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Envisioned Strings


Envisioned Strings featured the Dueling Fiddlers, Amanda Kerr Bluegrass, and inNOVAtion String Quartet at the George Washington Masonic Memorial on Sunday, June 14, 2015, at 7 pm.  Our own Stephanie Sims Flack, Russell Fallstad, and Amanda Kerr performed in this exciting show of well-known string artists.

Envisioned Strings took place on Sunday, June 14, 2015 at 7 pm at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial Theatre, located at 101 Callahan Dr, Alexandria, Virginia 22301. This unique performance headlined the talents of rock violinists The Dueling Fiddlers, Russell Fallstad and Adam DeGraff, along with bluegrass music of Amanda Kerr, and a slight twist on the classical string quartet, inNOVAtion String Quartet, comprised of Russell Fallstad, Stephanie Sims Flack, Chiara Kingsley Dieguez and Diana Flesner, all in a single show which promises to be a show like no other. (There was also a special performance by children from the artists' teaching studios.)

Stephanie Flack, producer of the show, visualized the show's concept to be entertaining to a diverse audience of music listeners and also to stretch each individual's appreciation for various styles of music. Flack states that "As performers and pedagogues, everyone involved in this show feels that it is important to not only perform various styles of music, but to also teach this diversity to the next generation of performers and to share it with our audiences."

Russell Fallstad, of The Dueling Fiddlers, likens the idea of the show to "a Jambalaya of string music." Having just returned from a Dueling Fiddlers show in New Orleans, Fallstad says, "Magic happens when you mix musical cultures like the African, French, Spanish, Native American, and American cultures mixed in New Orleans to produce Jazz. This show mixes Rock, Pop, Hip-hop, Classical, and Bluegrass to give you pretty much everything stringed instruments can do, and then some!"

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