Ms. Flack is a highly-trained violin teacher. Through Suzuki Association of the Americas teacher training, and under master teachers Ronda Cole and Timothy Durbin. Ms. Flack is also trained by the British Suzuki Institute in London, England, and has achieved Accredited Level III through the European Suzuki Exams and Training.
An accomplished professional violinist, Ms. Flack performs with critically acclaimed international, national, regional, and local orchestras and chamber groups. She is also the artistic director and founder of the String Quartet of Northern Virginia and Envisioned Strings.
Shinichi Suzuki, a Japanese master violin teacher, revolutionized violin teaching. The Suzuki Method produces outstanding results and is based on the principle that every child can learn music through the same process he learns his mother tongue language. Through this approach, a child can develop her abilities during the early absorbing and sensitive years to an extent far beyond what most people might imagine possible.
Indvdl lssns SFVS offers lessons in 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions, based on students' age and progress. All students are required to participate in twice-monthly group lessons that complement individual lessons and support students' musical growth.
SFVS students participate in group lessons at least twice monthly in addition to group individual lessons. SFVS students are required to participate in group lessons as part of their program.
SFVS provides students with many opportunities to grow as musicians throughout each year. These enrichment opportunities include participation in Suzuki festivals and institutes, lessons with master teachers, and many more.