"The Suzuki Method nurtures a child not only in her musical abilities, but as a complete human being."
 -- Dr. Shinichi Suzuki


Shinichi Suzuki, a Japanese master violin teacher, revolutionized violin teaching. The Suzuki Method produces outstanding results and is based on the principle that every child can learn music through the same process he learns his mother tongue language. Through this approach, a child can develop her abilities during the early absorbing and sensitive years to an extent far beyond what most people might imagine possible.

Grounded in listening, motivation, proper technique, repetition, and reinforcement, the Suzuki Method includes the following effective beliefs and practices:

  • Suzuki teachers believe that all children can develop musical ability
  • Students can begin at young ages
  • Parents play an active role in the learning process
  • Children become comfortable with the instrument before reading music while playing
  • Teachers teach technique in the context of pieces, not through dry technical exercises
  • Students refine pieces through constant review
  • Students perform frequently, individually, and in groups

Just as in language learning, parents play a vital role in developing children's early music learning ability. Parents attend lessons with their child and help with practice at home, developing parents' knowledge of the instrument and music along with the child's.

(Summary adapted from Suzuki Association of the Greater Washington Area )